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Insects, Diseases, Pests & Weeds

There are many good aspects about growing vegetables in Colorado (lots of sun, low humidity, lower insect and disease pressure). However plants are not immune to complications from insects, diseases, and weeds. See below for a variety of resources on how to safely and successfully grow your plants when faced with these challenges.

Videos Nuevos en Español: Enfermedades en los vegetales

Plant diseases

New Video Series: Protecting Your Garden from Animals

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What’s Wrong With My Plant?

NEW! – Do you have questions about why your plants are looking like they should be on the clearance rack? Are they wilted? Spotty leaves? Damaged fruit? Grow & Give is here to help!

Our new ‘What’s Wrong With My Plant?’ guide will walk you through the problem you’re seeing and help you to figure out what might be causing the issue. Once you know the issue you can click through to one of our videos linked in the guide to find out more. You will also find additional videos and resources below about insects, diseases and weeds.

How does this guide work?

We have divided this guide into plant families or those with similar growth habits and characteristics. Most members of the family are susceptible to similar growing issues. As you determine what family your plant is you can then ask where you’re seeing symptoms. This guide has divided symptoms into four main categories: stems, fruit/flower, leaves, and roots.

Do you have a ‘bug’ problem? Use this NEW! resource to help you narrow down the culprit!

The below chart will help you find out what insect might be ‘bugging’ your crops. Once you’ve narrowed it down, check out the videos and resources below to find out what to do to help mitigate the issue.

Click on the chart to view a zoomable image in a new tab.

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Insects & Pests


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Diseased Tomato Leaf

Plant Disorders and Diseases


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  What's Wrong with my Plant?
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Weed Management


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