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You can grow fruit in Colorado!

There are many varieties of fruits that can be easily grown in Colorado. Tree fruits such as apples and plums are well known, but berries and bush fruits can be a prolific and sometimes easier choice as well.

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NEW! Video Series: Berries for the Colorado Garden

This series of videos covers basic growing recommendations, variety choices and tips on home fruit production. Watch an individual segment or the full webinar by clicking on the icon or title below:


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Strawberries (19:11)

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Blueberries (6:05)

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Grapes (13:34)

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Full Webinar: Berries for the Colorado Garden (1:12:14)

This is the full webinar on growing berries in Colorado.

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Berry and Bush Fruits

There are many berries and bush fruits that will do well in Colorado’s Climate. See below for general tips and specific crop information:

More Information


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SMALL FRUITS: Blackberries, Currants, Elderberries, Gooseberries, Grapes, Raspberries, Serviceberries and Strawberries

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Fruit Trees

Fruit trees can be grown across Colorado but are most commonly seen on the Western Slope. Whether you are growing fruit trees along the Front Range or in other regions of the state, the following information can help your fruit trees produce a better harvest:

More Information

Growing Tree Fruits in Colorado Gardens, CMG GardenNotes #771

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POME FRUITS: Apples, Pears, Quince, etc.

Apples – Planttalk #1201

Apricots – Planttalk #1209

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Fire Blight – Fact Sheet #2.907

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STONE FRUITS: Peaches, plums, cherries, apricots, etc.

Backyard Orchard: Stone Fruits [pest management] – Fact Sheet #2.804

Cherries – Planttalk #1202

Coryneum Blight – Fact Sheet #2.914

Coryneum Blight – Planttalk #1444

Oystershell Scale – Planttalk #1414  

Peach Tree Borer – Fact Sheet #5.566

Peaches – Planttalk #1204

Plums – Planttalk #1206

Spider Mites – Fact Sheet #5.507

Tent Caterpillar – Planttalk #1484


External Resources

Intermountain Tree Fruit Commercial Production Guide

The Intermountain Commercial Tree Fruit Production Guide covers pest management and general production issues for growing healthy fruit in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. It was created for commercial growers and contains advanced terms and commercial recommendations that are not always available to home gardeners.