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Are you wondering what to do or look for in your garden during the winter months?

Check out our GG Seasonal Checklist – Winter

General Gardening Information

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Colorado’s Climate

  • When To Plant
  • Local Climate Summaries
  • Seasonal Checklists

Environmental Hurdles

  • Wind
  • Sun and Heat
  • Hail and Weather
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Site Planning & Soil

  • Where to Plant
  • Garden Styles
  • Soil

Seed Starting & Saving

  • Starting Seeds
  • Transplanting Seedlings in the Garden
  • Saving Seeds

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Water, Mulch & Fertilizer

  • Irrigation
  • Mulch Types
  • Garden Fertilization

Insects, Diseases & Weeds

  • Beneficial Insects
  • Pest Insects
  • Diagnosing Plant Diseases
  • Managing Weeds
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Frost Protection & Season Extension

  • Cold Snap
  • Extending the Growing Season
  • Frost Protection for the Garden

Harvesting Produce

  • How and When to Harvest
  • Extra Produce
  • Storage
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Container Gardening

  • Vegetables for Containers
  • Bucket Tomatoes
  • Herbs

Raised Bed Gardening

  • Raised Bed Basics
  • Block Style and Rows
  • Sample Guide
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Mountain Gardening

  • Mountain Garden Basics
  • High Elevation Considerations
  • Mountain Vegetables

Greenhouse Growing

  • Hobby Greenhouse
  • Building a Greenhouse
  • Whitefly
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